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Over 600 New Affiliates Surged Into Miriam Swimwear's MLM In Just 49 Days.

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Maria Dimitrova
Maria Dimitrova
Miriam Swimwear - Founder
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Exceptional professionals with great attention to detail.
They implement everything we have commented on and give ideas in case of need.
I am very satisfied with everything achieved. I strongly recommend!
Social marketing case study - Miriam Swimwear

Miriam Swimwear transitioned from an MLM start-up to a remarkable success story, with increased registrations, brand loyalty, and market recognition. AdwayCreative’s holistic approach delivered exceptional results and growth.

    Miriam Swimwear faced skepticism in the MLM sphere, requiring our expertise to establish credibility.

    We tackled the challenge of effectively communicating with the target audience for Miriam Swimwear.

    Addressing low registration numbers and high CPC was crucial for Miriam Swimwear’s success.

    Our role involved raising awareness and garnering likes for the Miriam Swimwear brand.

    We needed to simplify the Miriam Swimwear MLM concept for better audience understanding.
    Miriam Swimwear achieved over 600 registrations at a remarkable CPC of $0.32, demonstrating effective lead generation.

    The tailored advertising, innovative marketing messaging, and engaging content creation contributed to increased engagement and conversion rates.

    Audience segmentation and strategic ad sequencing led to pinpoint targeting and higher advertising impact.

    Integration of affiliate marketing tools and personalized email sequences strengthened brand loyalty and affiliate success.

    The holistic approach resulted in Miriam Swimwear establishing itself in the competitive market.

    The company provided training materials, guides, and resources to affiliates, aiding in network expansion.
    It involves analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, identifying objectives, determining how to measure success, establishing the brand position, and outlining marketing methods and strategies.

    Includes creating a digital marketing journey plan that presents the marketing strategy as a step-by-step and organized roadmap, which allows for a clear visualization of the way toward achieving success.

    This involves studying the mindset of your target audience, identifying potential barriers, and developing compelling solutions to overcome them.

    Used to tailor ads, messages, and creativity with the utmost precision, this analysis reveals what our audience already likes in the social media world and their preferences.

    Our service covers the creation of attractive landing pages that generate leads. We use compelling graphics and content that is customized to the target audience for optimal conversion rates. In addition, our team integrates various segmentation, analytics, and measurement tools to help us track results.

    It involves making videos for different purposes and in various styles. These videos include educational and training presentations, as well as marketing clips that boost sales or support specific content.

    We employ over ten intricately synchronized AI algorithms to refine targeting accuracy and elevate ad performance, delivering a remarkable 30% improvement in results.

    Predictive AI eye-tracking technology can identify where a person’s eyes are looking on the screen, helping us to place the different ad elements in exactly the right order so that the key ad message is seen first within the ad.

    Ensures perfect printing results through meticulous file preparation, color optimization, media setup, and print format adjustments.

    Designed for digital and physical use cases, this service involves creating compelling visuals that convey your brand message and capture your audience’s attention.

    Email marketing is used to keep in touch with potential customers in a personalized and timely manner. It can help you build better relationships with prospects, increase brand awareness, provide information, and drive sales.

    Includes handling various administrative tasks, creating clear policies, client guidance and consultation, collaborating with developers, conducting split testing, and other end-user-beneficial activities.

    This entails producing persuasive and captivating sales copy for print and digital advertising needs, that communicates effectively with your intended audience and prompts them to take specific actions.

    Producing interactive digital content that engages, educates, leaves a lasting impression, and is aligned with marketing goals and objectives.

    It provides automatic real-time detailed information about how the users experience the website and how it correlates with the number of conversions.

From an MLM Start-Up to a Remarkable Success Story.

Our dedicated team delved into a journey of extensive marketing research.

Armed with cutting-edge technology, we meticulously crafted and executed strategic campaigns, captivating the target audience and achieving outstanding results.

Social Marketing Case Study - Miriam Swimwear USA
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Witness The Magic

600+ registrations attained at a jaw-dropping CPC of only $0.32 (USA and Spain)! Are you eager to reveal the secrets of this astonishing success?

Social Marketing Case Study - CPC analysis
Miriam Swimwear Case Study -Registrations Completed
Successful results come from our research, ads design, and professionally crafted landing pages.

First We Needed An Idea,

Ready To Conquer Skepticism Head-On.

From the outset, we understood the skepticism surrounding MLM marketing, but our commitment to authenticity drove us forward.

By crafting an innovative marketing strategy, we retained the attention of our advertising traffic.

What did we do? A blend of sequentially linked lead generation landing pages, irresistible offers, enticing rewards, captivating explainer videos, interactive calculators, compelling webinars, and exciting success stories of those already earning profits.

Social Media Marketing Case Study Marketing - lead gen pages design
Seamlessly linked and consistently engaging, we create these pages to make a splash. (Part of 4 of the more than 10 pages we developed.)

The Ads Strategy.

We unleashed a diverse array of video, illustrated, and photo ads – over 15 variants with unique messages, CTAs, and links – meticulously targeting various audiences.

The artful blend of captivating creative content and vivid colors proved to be the winning formula.

Social Media Marketing - Ads Design
Experience the charm of these 5 stunning ads designed to inspire excitement!

The Secret Weapon!

> The Ad Pre-Analyze System v1.0 – a cutting-edge Ad creative analyzing technology powered by predictive AI Eye Tracking.

This innovative approach, helps us strategically position the message and creative elements, ensuring the audience sees them in the perfect order for maximum impact.

Ad Creative Analysis
Here you can see the initial and final design of the ad, after the Ad Pre-Analyze System v1.0 tests.

Interactive Profit Calculators.

Through a comprehensive correlation analysis, we found a pivotal insight – our target audience held a keen interest in understanding their potential earnings with Miriam Swimwear’s program.

Responding to this curiosity, we devised a brilliant solution: interactive calculators that swiftly provide earnings estimates for different time frames.

Crafting two distinct interactive calculators, the first sheds light on individual earnings, while the second illuminates potential gains through team building.

The outcome was remarkable – instant clarity on potential profits and a seamless comparison between individual and network-based earnings.

This innovative approach empowered our audience with real-time insights, transforming curiosity into informed decision-making.

Social Media Case study -marketing - interactive-content
There are two interactive calculators. The first one shows how much someone earns on their own, while the second shows potential gains through team building.

The Landing Page Videos.

We knew that immersive visuals and engaging content were the key to success.

Embracing the power of videos, we crafted compelling promotional and training clips, strategically placed on landing pages and YouTube ads.

Our goal was to unveil the extraordinary earning possibilities of Miriam Swimwear, using the perfect blend of creativity and insight

Winning A User Is Just...The Beginning!

Once affiliates sign up, we go the extra mile to ensure success and to warrant our ad spend. We’ve put together a treasure trove of training materials, equipping affiliates with everything they need to kickstart and expand their network effortlessly.

From the Quick Start Guide to the Lead Generation Guide, Landing Page Development, and Facebook Business Page Development Guide – we prepare all for them.

In addition, we provide our affiliates with ready-to-post social media content, eye-catching graphics, stunning model photos, versatile backgrounds, captivating drawings, and a diverse collection of stock photography.

With this toolkit at their disposal, building a flourishing network becomes a breeze!

Miriam Swimwear PDF Guide Preview-scaled
Explore a small part of the Quick Start guides, a treasure trove of valuable resources exclusively available for our registered affiliates for free.
Social Media Marketing Case Study - Assets design
Part of the ready-to-publish compositions, thoughtfully designed to empower our affiliates and elevate their success.

Highly Effective Email Campaigns.

Our team crafted personalized and timely automated email marketing messages, ensuring seamless communication with newly registered affiliates.

social media case study marketing - true-false-mail-2
We increase efficiency by implementing automated messaging and workflow setups.
Integrating email marketing - Miriam Swimwear
We increase efficiency by implementing automated messaging and workflow setups.

The results were astounding

leads nurtured, brand loyalty fortified.

Understanding the power of affiliate relations, we went the extra mile by integrating GoAffPro affiliate marketing management tools into Shopify.

This strategic move amplified the brand’s reach, empowering affiliates to drive sales and magnify its visibility.

Miriam Swimwear Welcome Banner Design
"Welcome to New Affiliates". Banner design.
Miriam Swimwear Certificates Design - Social Media Marketin Case Study
Design of the "Certificate of Achievement"

The Outcome

was an extraordinary success story, positioning Miriam Swimwear as a thriving force in the fiercely competitive market.

Customers bestowed their attention and trust upon the brand, a testament to the holistic approach we proudly crafted.

Miriam Swimwear Welcome Banner Design
"Welcome to New Affiliates". Banner design.

At AdwayCreative, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and going above and beyond expectations. We turn ambitious visions into tangible successes with our comprehensive digital marketing strategies and expertise.

By partnering with us, you can unlock the full potential of your brand and achieve remarkable growth.

Marketing is a Process of Sequential Steps

Have the whole. Not only a part. We consider all parts of the digital marketing mix. Take a look at our method.


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