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511 Activated Accounts, 56 Upgrades, 1000+ Social Media Followers, High Engagement Rate, And Over 500 Visits Per Month Organic Traffic Increase!

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Sanya Georgieva
Sanya Georgieva
Founder of Art:e
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I have worked with AdwayCreative for about a year and during that time they have proven themselves to be exceptional professionals.
I contacted the team to maintain the ads and social media posts on an online platform, but in addition to that, I also got a partner who worked diligently on the development of the platform, suggested improvements, and was available for any questions.
The AdwayCreative team uses the latest technologies to track the success of each advertising campaign, also analyzing the data received and suggesting changes that will lead to the success of your project.
With them, you can make sure your ads reach the right audience as they use AI to find the right audience for the project.
They are available for any questions, respond quickly, and always meet the agreed deadlines for the completion of the given task. Enable review and approval of posts and ads, open to changes and your suggestions.
Arte - Social Marketing Case Study - Full Service
In summary, AdwayCreative’s versatile approach addressed key challenges, leading to remarkable results such as increased organic traffic, improved audience engagement, successful activations and upgrades, reduced drop-offs, enhanced seller success, and effective personalized communication.
    The platform initially faced challenges in engaging its target audience effectively, resulting in low organic traffic and limited user interactions.

    The platform needed to align its offerings with user expectations, as well as optimize pricing and features to cater to user needs.

    User drop-offs were identified as a concern, potentially leading to lost investments and untapped potential for the platform.

    The platform aims to enhance seller success by providing educational resources and support to improve product quality and sales.

    Establishing personalized and timely communication with potential customers and sellers through email campaigns was essential.
    511 account activations, 56 tier shifts, propelled from unknown to remarkable at $0.06 CPC.

    Catapulted from 0 to over 500 daily visits.

    Daily active users (DAUs) – from 0 to a peak of almost 12,000.

    Gained over 1000 genuine social media followers and established a strong brand presence on social platforms. (We did not use ads for page likes and followers)

    Implemented strategic notifications led to a decline in user drop-off rates, enhancing user navigation and engagement.

    Improved seller success through educational resources and comparative guides, leading to enhanced product quality and increased sales.

    Implemented effective email campaigns, keeping users informed about new products and features, and fostering strong buyer-seller connections.

    Arte’s blog became a significant source of organic traffic, contributing to the platform’s growth and user engagement.

    The collaboration between the platform and AdwayCreative resulted in a comprehensive and user-centric approach, yielding positive outcomes.

    The platform underwent a transformative evolution, aligning with user expectations, enhancing functionality, and achieving brand resonance.

    The platform demonstrated a commitment to ongoing improvements, with plans for resurgence and growth.
    It involves analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, identifying objectives, determining how to measure success, establishing the brand position, and outlining marketing methods and strategies.

    Includes creating a digital marketing journey plan that presents the marketing strategy as a step-by-step and organized roadmap, which allows for a clear visualization of the way toward achieving success.

    This analysis provides useful information about the target audience based on more than 200 pieces of data, which allows for the creation of highly relevant advertising and content.

    Reveals what end-users expect and allows for user-centric improvements to be made.

    It provides automatic real-time detailed information about how the users experience the website and how it correlates with the number of conversions.

    We employ over ten intricately synchronized AI algorithms to refine targeting accuracy and elevate ad performance, delivering a remarkable 30% improvement in results.

    Notifications reduce bounce rates and protect your advertising spend by keeping new visitors/users engaged and informed.

    Covers creating a strategy and developing content for your social media platforms aimed at engaging, educating, and capturing the attention of your targeted audience.

    The service produces a detailed blogging plan that aims to deliver informative and engaging posts. The process includes keyword research and content creation that will result in an increase in organic traffic.

    This includes content planning and publishing as well as engagement with your audience on social media platforms.

    Our service involves an expert website audit and correction of any textual content that doesn’t match your brand’s tone of voice, doesn’t engage your audience, or doesn’t add real value for your visitors.

    Creating videos for different purposes and in various styles. These videos include educational and training presentations, as well as marketing clips that boost sales or support specific content.

    Email marketing is used to keep in touch with potential customers in a personalized and timely manner. It can help you build better relationships with prospects, increase brand awareness, provide information, and drive sales.

    Includes handling various administrative tasks, creating clear policies, client guidance and consultation, collaborating with developers, conducting split testing, and other end-user beneficial activities.

    This service consists of developing ideas, plans and activities that create a framework for encouraging and motivating already engaged audiences to behave in ways that align with the brand’s future strategic goals.

    Entails producing persuasive and captivating sales copy for print and digital advertising needs, that communicates effectively with your intended audience and prompts them to take specific actions.

    Intended for both digital and print use cases, this service involves creating compelling visuals that convey your brand message and capture your audience’s attention.

Building A Thriving Handmade Marketplace Takes More Than Just Hard Work.

It’s a symphony of ingenuity, proficiency, and groundbreaking tactics.

Our initial focus centered on shaping a meticulous marketing strategy and a comprehensive process roadmap to steer the platform’s digital journey.

With a crystallized vision, set objectives, and a mapped-out route to attaining them, we embarked on our digital marketing voyage with unwavering confidence.

Social Marketing Case Study - Arte

Delving Into Audience Understanding.

Embarking on a journey to uncover profound audience insights, we conducted a “Hidden Wisdom” analysis, delving into data streams from over 50 platforms such as Google, Yandex, Facebook, and Instagram. 

This extensive endeavor offered a panoramic audience view, enabling us to strategically fine-tune Arte Market’s marketing strategies. By sculpting our messaging and brand voice, we achieved resonance that struck a chord with their target clientele.

The first 3 of more than 200 data points. Analyzing data from over 50 channels, Hidden Wisdom reveals almost everything about our audience and their interests.
The first 3 of more than 200 data points. Analyzing data from over 50 channels, Hidden Wisdom reveals almost everything about our audience and their interests.

Through this comprehensive analysis, we’ve crafted materials that deeply connect with Arte’s intended audience.

This meticulous approach has yielded a remarkable surge in both organic website visits and an engaged social media following.

*Explore below to witness the impactful content tailored for Arte’s vibrant online presence.

We achieved a consistent increase in organic traffic. From zero to 516 visits per month. (Dec-Jul)

We Conducted A Survey...

Diving into the insights of our valued early adopters, we embarked on a comprehensive survey expedition.

Our mission? To unravel the tapestry of thoughts woven around the Arte platform. With a curious lens, we examined pricing perceptions, real-life applications, and beyond.

A symphony of responses echoed back, revealing the secrets of user expectations.

Like skilled craftsmen, we meticulously weaved these insights into the intricate fabric of Arte. Adjustments were made, features fine-tuned, and pricing reshaped – a harmonious dance that turned user opinions into tangible enhancements.

Arte - Customer Survey Results
In the end, it's not just data; it's a testament to our commitment to crafting a platform that resonates with you. Your voice guides our journey as we sculpt Arte into a true reflection of your desires and aspirations.

Audience Correlation.

Our groundbreaking ChannelBridge technology took center stage as we delved into the realm of audience correlation analysis.

Armed with invaluable insights, we seamlessly integrated over 50 strategic optimizations across the platform.

Witnessing the transformation, Arte’s functionality underwent a remarkable overhaul, complemented by enhanced visual graphics and a user experience that has reached new heights.

The collaboration of technology and expertise resulted in an impressive evolution that’s worth exploring

Arte - Platfrom Optimization Report
This is a section from Arte's initial report, which contained over 20 pages in A4 format, focused on optimization.

Achieving Our Targets.

Our destination? A surge in activated plans, translated to more new store openings. With AI-driven ad targeting through Social Jump Advanced, our journey with Arte Market was transformative.

The outcome? After four strategic campaigns, a remarkable 511 account activations, and 56 upgrades from Start to Plus or Plus to Exclusive. All of this was achieved with a spectacular CPC of only $0.06!

Arte - Account activations growth
Activations of the START, PLUS and EXCLUSIVE plans have increased steadily.
Arte - Higher Tier Plan Activations
10.96% of customers who activated their selected plan switched to a higher tier. The changes were noticeable even in the early stages of the campaign.
Arte - Social Media Marketing - CPC
The average cost per click (CPC) for the four campaigns is as low as $0.06 per click and the average CPM is $1.65.

Preserving Hard-Earned Progress.

In the world of digital platforms, the path to success is paved with user engagement

A single dropout can mean more than a missed opportunity – it can signify lost investments and untapped potential. 

At AdwayCreative, we recognized the significance of every user’s journey and took a proactive approach. 

Introducing a strategic solution, we integrated notifications that became our users’ compass, guiding them through Arte’s intricate landscape. 

These subtle yet impactful messages transformed confusion into clarity, steering users toward efficient navigation. 

The outcome was remarkable. 

The dropout rate, once a concern, witnessed a steady decline. The stumbling blocks that hindered users from exploring Arte’s full potential were dismantled. 

Users no longer felt adrift but empowered to set up their virtual stores swiftly and confidently.

Arte - Web Notifications
2 of the top 10 notifications we created for Arte and placed in key locations on the site. The automated logic rules allowed us to target the right individuals.
6 Complimentary Advantages Unlocked by Eligible ArteUp Stores

The Seller Behavior Challenge.

Arte Market’s expansion brought a dilemma

The sellers weren’t focusing on properly filling out their store policies, creating compelling images, and describing products in a way that shows their qualities and advantages. 

These deficiencies affected shoppers’ purchasing decisions and were counter to Arte Market’s growth plans. 

The main concern was that poor product presentation was driving away potential buyers. This threatened the sustainability of the platform’s sellers. 

The Solution: Behavioral Blueprint.

In response, we created a solution called “ArteUp”. This solution offered six additional benefits to qualified sellers who met certain conditions. 

The result: In just three weeks, ArteUp turned the tide. Sellers revamped their stores, aligning with Arte Market’s vision. 

This dynamic shift not only elevated aesthetics but also enriched the shopping experience, echoing Arte Market’s commitment to excellence.

Arte Market's Social Media Landscape.

Embarking on a journey through Arte Market’s digital realm unveils a Social Media Strategic Evolution

The canvas of their online existence was meticulously woven, forming profound connections with potential sellers and lovers of handmade creations.  

Navigating the virtual realms of Facebook and Instagram, Arte Market harnessed a surge in brand resonance. 

A tapestry of brand awareness and engagement flourished, binding the threads of their narrative tighter with the intended audience.

Arte - Social Media Followers - Increase
We've achieved a high engagement rate. Our number of followers is steadily growing.
Arte - Social Media Content
From 0 to more than 17,000 conversions (red chart) at a conversion price (CPR) of less than $0.65 (approx. BGN 1.16).
Arte - Social Media Posts
Rather than simply posting on social media, we created valuable and useful content for all of our followers. *For the purposes of this preview, the content has been intentionally translated into English.

Education And Support Emerged As Vital Cornerstones.

In the realm of enhancing seller success, education, and support emerged as vital cornerstones. 

Our approach extended beyond the ordinary – crafting insightful training video content that seamlessly guided users through platform navigation and optimal utilization.

Yet, our commitment delved deeper. We collaborated to elevate seller stores and products, amplifying sales through illuminating visual comparative guides. This journey transformed not just transactions, but entire seller experiences.

Arte - Salers Training - Bad Example
An image that illustrates what a product should not look like.
A picture showing the desired appearance of the product.

Highly Effective Email Campaigns.

Complete with automated messages, to ensure that communications with potential customers were timely and personalized.

Arte - Email Campaign
Arte - Email Campaign
Arte - Email newsletter
The newsletter has made it easier for both merchants and customers to stay informed about the latest products and features.

We tailored exclusive email marketing newsletters for Arte’s visitors who love everything handmade, offering a curated window into the world of exquisite creations. 

Simultaneously, a dedicated email campaign was crafted for discerning sellers, enlightening them about Arte’s innovative new features and enticing promotions. 

In this narrative of connectivity, we sculpted personalized avenues to foster engagement and forge enduring bonds.

Exploring Arte's Blog,

a vital wellspring of organic traffic.

Through meticulous research, we harnessed content and visuals that deeply resonated with Arte’s unique audience.

This is a section of the content that we have produced and published on the blog of Arte. *For the purposes of this preview, the content has been intentionally translated into English.

Our dedicated efforts spanning campaign precision, content creation, social media curation, research, planning, and ongoing interactions led to a consistent surge in Daily Active Users (DAUs).

The tangible growth bears testimony to our audience-centric commitment.

Arte - active daily users growth
The graph shows the growth of active daily users (DAUs) from almost zero to a steady growth. In fact, the number of active users went from 0 to almost 12,000.

Yet, our partnership reached beyond the technical realm, encompassing vibrant dialogues and insightful feedback loops.

>> Though temporarily paused since July 15, 2023, Arte Market’s imminent resurgence is on the horizon.

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